"Who do I think I am, anyway??"
(About Me)

I'm Matt Forrest.  I admit it.  I've done voice work, audio production,
            and commercial writing for advertising agencies and radio
and TV   stations throughout the Northeast, and my voice
            can be heard on commercials, animation, and corporate
            videos from Maine to Florida, from California to New Jersey,
            from the U.K. to Dubai.

Not bad for a kid who grew up in a small town writing skits and
recording them - voices, sound effects, and all - onto his dad's
Panasonic cassette deck.  (This is the point at which you exclaim
aloud, 'What a GEEK!' )  Thank you.

Anyway, from such humble beginnings I eventually went on to       
become, at various times throughout my life, an actor, copy writer,
voice talent, and photography sales dude...and through it all,
I have yet to figure out how to make a living doing any of this.

I suppose I should also mention that I'm a published poet, a former
country dance instructor, I once owned my own disc jockey business,
and am a half-decent cook.  (But to be perfectly honest, I couldn't
make much money doing any of those things, either!)
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